Explore resources produced by the Province of Manitoba for English language learners.. This map shows the major language groupings indigenous to what is today the province of Manitoba. The latter (isolation) is of particular importance, as it provided a favourable environment for maintaining French as the everyday language of families living on isolated farms and in rural communities with a strong French-speaking majority. Job-ready official language proficiency is required to apply to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada through the MPNP. English is the predominant language. Manitoba (/ ˌ m æ n ɪ ˈ t oʊ b ə / ()) is a province at the longitudinal centre of Canada.It is one of the three prairie provinces (with Alberta and Saskatchewan) and is Canada's fifth-most populous province, with an estimated 1.379 million people. Languages of Manitoba. Talk . There are over 200 languages spoken throughout the province. Manitoba is located between Ontario and Saskatchewan. Manitoba has been welcoming immigrants for well over a century. Factor 1: Language Proficiency Language Points are calculated according to documented proof of training and ability in one or both of Canada’s official languages, English and French. Living in Canada tool. Manitoba is a place where people of many cultures live together in harmony. The language groupings are divided into dialect groups (thickly dashed line), which are further separated into individual dialects (thinly dashed line). The EOI ranking applies to the Skilled Worker in Manitoba, Skilled Worker Overseas, and International Education Streams. Each community’s language is indicated by a coloured dot. ... more than 200 languages spoken in different parts of the province (English is the official language) Services to help you settle in Manitoba. Resources for Language Learners, Settlement Organizations and Employers. December 24, 2020 - COVID-19 Vaccine Bulletin #8; December 24, 2020 - COVID-19 Bulletin #295; December 24, 2020 - New Benefits for Health-Care Workers Fighting COVID-19; December 24, 2020 - New Benefits Announced for Health-Care Workers Fighting COVID-19; December 24, 2020 - New Benefits Announced for Health-Care Workers Fighting COVID-19 There are variety of settlement supports available in Manitoba for newcomers and their families. To demonstrate your level of English proficiency, all applicants (except those currently working in Manitoba in NOC 0, A or B) must submit valid official results of an MPNP-approved language test taken no more than two years prior to the date you submit your MPNP Online application. The policy's purpose is to allow this community and the institutions serving it to access comparable government services in the language of the laws of Manitoba. French is also spoken in Winnipeg and other parts of the province. It is well known for its agriculture, culture and history. Manitoba is one of Canada's Prairie Provinces. The French Language Services policy of the Government of Manitoba recognizes the fact that the French-speaking population of Manitoba is a constituent of one of the fundamental characteristics of Canada. Explore resources produced by the Province of Manitoba for language instructors and settlement support practioners.. At the end of the 19 th century, life in rural Manitoba was defined by toil, privation and isolation. If you are proficient in both, choose as your first language the one you are most comfortable using. English and French are a no-brainer, but the other most spoken languages in Canada may surprise you. News Feed. The English Language Centre (ELC) provides courses, tests, accommodations and individual support to students whose first language is not English in order to support academic success and participation in the University of Manitoba community.