Make a donation; Media; Career; Contact; Podcasts The pandemic threatens vulnerable families. Privacy Policy. Legal mentions. reported. Every child in the world has the right to a childhood. The exact locations of the tsunami eyewitness video recordings were revisited by the, The tsunami of 26th December 2004 severely affected the Maldives at a distance of 2500 km from the epicenter of the Magnitude 9.0 earthquake. the directionality and the arrival times. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Maximum heights for run-up unaffected by splash on nearby cliffs were found typically on the order of 1 to 3 meters, with a maximum of 3.3 m on beaches West of Salalah. Magazine shows, concerts, documentaries, and more: the European culture channel's programmes available to stream free of charge on Significant incidents were documented in the port of Salalah, where a 285-m-long vessel broke its moorings and drifted inside and outside the port, and another ship struck the breakwater while attempting to enter the harbor. To gain an understanding of the tsunami event, field surveys were conducted a month after the incident. The highest, The fishing town Mahfarhan is located 40 km southwest of Rhiy Di-Irisal (the east cape of, north. The maximum run-up and, inundation were determined relative to the sea level at tsunami impact with a laser range, finder with integrated digital inclinometer and compass. A total of 5 severly impacted towns south of distances from the shoreline up to 700m were observed. Furthermore, a rough bed induced a lower momentum flux during wave propagation, resulting into lower impact forces exerted on the building. Science 308(5728):1595, Okal EA, Dengler L, Araya S, Borrero JC, Gomer B, Koshimura S, Laos G, Olcese D, Ortiz M, Swensson, M, Titov VV, Vegas F (2002) A field survey of the Camana, Peru tsunami of June 23, 2001. The tsunami of 26th December 2004 severely affected Banda Aceh along the North tip of Sumatra (Indonesia) at a distance of 250 km from the epicenter of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. systems (GPS) and photographed. and Bedhoola; eight on the north coast: Arher Qariyah, Hamhariten, Qalansiyah, Shoaab, A variety of standard tsunami field survey techniques (e.g., Tsuji et, recorded on video, were used to estimate the number of waves, their height and period, as, well as the tsunami arrival time. This phenomenon is studied extensively by Synoloskis et al. surements from survivor videos. The 2004 and tsunami caused a catastrophic amount of damage to the region of Aceh in Sumatra. The Puntland coast in northern Somalia was by far the area hardest hit to the, west of the Indian Subcontinent by the 26 December 2004 tsunami (Fritz and Borrero, The fishing settlement of Shazhor is located 20 km southwest of Rhiy Di-Irisal, the east, cape of Socotra. Numerous eyewitness interviews were recorded on video. It killed at least 57 people and destroyed or damaged more than 60,000 homes, affecting more than 223,000 people (USAID, 2001). The measured tsunami flow velocities were within the range of 2 to 5 m/s. Numerous eyewitness interviews, which were, Makran rupture simulated with the MOST-tsunami model: maximum computed wave heights in cm, Satellite image of the Gulf of Aden with Socotra located 250 km east of the Horn of Africa and, Map of Socotra Island, the GPS-track of the expedition with surveyed locations and the maximum, gives the full database gathered during the survey excluding additional transect, ). Tsunami propagated radially from its source and arrived in coastal zone with direction was between 25° and 350° from North. In: Tsunamis: Case studies and recent developments. This was the first tsunami with transoceanic impact, since comprehensive post-event hydrodynamic surveys began to be conducted in the early 1990s, with modern measurement tools. Earthquake Spectra 22(S3):S203–S218, Okal EA, Sladen A, Okal EA-S (2006c) Rodrigues, Mauritius, and Re, December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. In addition overland flow velocities were determined from eyewitness video recordings based on rectified Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Im grossen Alpental sind Siedlungen seit der Mittelsteinzeit nachgewiesen. Runup and inundation were obtained at 35 sites. Underwater compartments eliviate the risk of mini-tsunamis. L’intervention de Tdh a fait une grande différence pour les enfants affectés par le tsunami, pas seulement dans les camps mais aussi lors de leur retour à la maison », témoigne Rathieswary, jeune thérapeute sri lankaise qui a rejoint l’équipe de Terre des hommes dans le sillage du tsunami et travaille toujours pour la Fondation. In Mahfarhan a tsunami runup of 4.1 m and, the largest inundation limit of 224 m were recorded based on a debris line along the low-. Le 26 décembre 2004, un grand tremblement de terre sous l’Océan indien provoquait de terribles tsunamis. The Maldives at half-way point between, ). Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. towards the open sea. Shazhor emphasizes the location specific runup topographies (Fig. MOST-tsunami model simulation: maximum computed wave heights in cm (Titov et al. ) Les leçons apprises lors de la gestion de cette crise sans précédent marquent encore aujourd’hui les interventions de crise. main propagation direction. heights rapidly decayed to 1–3 m in Oman as shown in Fig. The South Sumatra scenario (A) potentially generates a, tsunami with stronger impact than in 2004 on the SW Indian Ocean Islands of the, Mascarenes and on Madagascar. The Makran tsunami (B) strongly affects, Western India, the Maldives, and the Seychelles, as well as the Kerguelen Islands. Spillage is collected in edge channels and channelled to an internal cistern. IOC Manuals andGuides No. Almost all inhabitants of the Socotra archipelago live on the main island. Pure Appl Geophys, UNEP (2005) National rapid environmental assessment—Yemen. The eyewitnesses in Shazhor reported 2 destroyed rock, houses and 10 lost fishing boats including outboard engines and fishing nets. On 6 January 2005, Attajdid published an article by its editor-in-chief Lhassan Sarrat that the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and ensuing tsunami was God's punishment for sex tourism, homosexuality and child trafficking in southeast Asia, and that the best warning system for such catastrophes was following the teaching of Islam. We suggest that the waves must have been triggered by a submarine slide on the Makran margin. The total population of Socotra is estimated at 80,000 with seasonal, On 13 October the International Tsunami Survey Team was dispatched from Sana’a to, Hadiboh via Al-Mukalla. Support the children who need it the most and help us change their future. Tsunami U.S. Tsunami Warning System . The PDE location of the mainshock epicenter (USGS) is 16.26°S 73.64°W, about 60 km northwest of Ocona in the Department of Arequipa, Peru; depth is unconstrained and fixed at 33 km. The surveys included measurements of run-up height, inundation distance, tsunami direction, and sediment characteristics at 20 selected sites. Among Rahman's awards are six National Film … The pandemic threatens vulnerable families. To study this Eighteen nations were directly affected: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Oman, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, the Maldives, the Comoros, Rodrigues, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles. Une de ses actions principales a consisté à mettre sur pied des centres d’accueil de jour pour aider les enfants. On 23 June 2001 a major earthquake occurred at 20:33 UTC (3:33 pm local time) near the coast of southern Peru, 175 km west of Arequipa and 595 km southeast of Lima. Accounts from the island Abd Al-Kuri—at half-, way point between Socotra and Somalia—were reported by mariners but could not be. All rights reserved. The exact locations of the tsunami eyewitness video recordings were revisited by the survey team between February 22 and 25, 2005 to record camera calibration ground control points. Further inundation distances and areas of inundation were documented. Therefore, most settlements are located either inland or along bays that are facing to the, east, such as Shazhor, Mahfarhan, and Bedhoola. survey team between February 22 and 25, 2005 to record camera calibration ground control points. 2006a, b, c) and Madagascar (Okal et al. Maximum run-up heights were typically on the order of, 2–6 m. Each measurement was located by means of global positioning systems (GPS) and, photographed. The energy of the tsunami was partly absorbed by the Maldives range and reefs in the central Indian Ocean; nevertheless, the Puntland coast in northern Somalia was impacted by a tsunami run-up height of 9 m, and inundation distances up to 700 m. In the area of Cape Ras Xaafuun the tsunami caused 300 human causalities, and destroyed shelters and houses over an extensive area. Grain sizes in the deposit area were finer than those at their sources. On Sunday December 26th at 00:58:53 UTC, a great earthquake with a moment magnitude of 9.0 - or possibly greater (Stein and Okal, 2005) - occurred 250 km southwest of the North tip of Sumatra, Indonesia. 2006a, b), Oman (Okal et al. Les besoins de protection des enfants lors de crises humanitaires sont également mieux reconnus, même s’il reste souvent difficile d’en faire admettre l’urgence vitale. For tsunami generated in the western MSZ there is The measured data was corrected for the tide level upon tsunami arrival, based on, ) were used. Seismol, Okal EA, Fritz HM, Raveloson R, Joelson G, Panc, 2004 Indonesian Tsunami in Madagascar. no change in its directivity and is almost same as without the ridge with propagation being Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the organisation, our activities, donations, sponsorship, volunteering, etc. phenomenon the 1945 Makran tsunami and worst possible tsunamigenic earthquakes form and structure within this NE–SW trending ridge in the Arabian Sea a large variation of the based on the location of watermarks on buildings and eyewitness La catastrophe a résulté en une augmentation significative des problèmes de protection de l’enfance, comme les accidents, les abus, le travail des enfants, la négligence. subcontinent. The individual video images were rectified with a direct linear transformation (DLT) assuming a planar water surface at the level. A large tsunami was generated and severely. the 2004 Sumatra–Andaman earthquake (red star) are shown for companion surveys: Sri Lanka (Liu et al. A l'époque 2004 il été premier Ministre et Aujourd'hui il est President de la Republique au Sri-Lanka !! 2006a, b, c). Results pointed out that even on rough bed, openings within the buildings linearly reduced impact forces, thus providing some helpful information for the design of safer coastal structures. The tsunami affected the coastal areas located at the edge of the Sunda Strait, Indonesia. watermarks, and eyewitness reports. Science, Borrero JC (2005b) Field survey of northern Sumatra and Banda Aceh, Indonesia after the tsunami and, earthquake of 26 December 2004. This typical eastward setting of towns along the southeast coast protects against, the southwest monsoon but makes them particularly vulnerable to far field tsunamis, originating from the Sumatra subduction zone. Most of the victims were reported along the low-lying Xaafuun peninsula. (2003). United Nations Environmental Program. A tsunami arrival, during high tide could have increased the run-up heights by up to 2, The deployment of the survey team to Socotra, almost 2, catastrophic event led to the recovery of important data on the characteristics of the, tsunami effects and inundation on Socotra in the tsunami far field. ), corresponding to a seismic moment M = 4 × 1028 dyn-cm. Earthquake Spectra 22(S3):S93–S104, Fritz HM, Borrero JC (2006) Somalia field survey of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. tsunami in the main propagation direction. In this paper, the effect of tsunami propagation through the MR system is carried out with The only exception was Shazhor were, Somalia. « Toutes les ONG étaient concentrées sur l’aide de première urgence. Numerous eyewitness interviews were recorded on video. Kana has 2 jobs listed on their profile. We present a report from the work of the International Tsunami Survey Team in Oman in the aftermath of the 2004 Sumatra tsunami. Tsunami, impulse-waves and dam-break waves afflict humanity with casualties and damages. With a seismic origin time of 00:58:53 GMT, this predicts first arrivals between, ) Fisherman and locals with a destroyed boat rafted 200 m inland (, ) Selected cross-shore transects surveyed at, ) Astronomic tide level prediction for 26 December 2004 at Shiq along Socotra’s north shore (4 km, ), where only some limited structural damage and a few, The survey team was supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and, P, Rambolamanana G (2006a) Field Survey of the. Insight into the flow mechanisms of these waves, is important to provide safety and reduce reconstruction costs. Satake K (ed), Adv Nat Technol Haz 23:1–30, Synolakis CE, Okal EA (2006) Far-field tsunami risk for mega-thrust earthquakes in the, Trans. Skip to content 【Regarder⋙Film】 Meilleurs films pour le streaming; Films populaires; Prochainement; Les mieux notés; Aujourd’hui à la télé; Tops séries; Sé Darham on the north coast no observations were reported by inhabitants. The tsunami of 26th December 2004 severely affected Somalia at a While no significant damage to infrastructure was reported, remarkable effects took place in the port of Salalah, where a 285-m long container ship broke its moorings and drifted for several hours both inside and outside the port, carried by a powerful system of eddy currents. Hence the MR not only affects the amplitude of the tsunamis but also All sediment samples had a well sorted distribution. Two channels persisted, preventing the invasion of modern species onto the Socotra Archipelago. Most of the damage on Reunion was concentrated in harbors. Le 26 décembre 2004, un tsunami sans précédent a frappé l’Asie du Sud-Est, détruisant tout sur son passage. Map of Oman showing maximum run-up values (in m) surveyed at the various sites (Okal et, ) Map of Somalia’s Puntland coast, the GPS-track of the expedition with surveyed locations, . Déjà présente sur place, Terre des hommes a pu très rapidement déployer des interventions d’urgence après le tsunami. The sizes ranged from fine sand to boulders, with medium sand and coarse sand being dominant. The survey teams measured local flow depths based on the location of debris in trees and watermarks on buildings. tsunami impact on Somalia is compared against other locations along the The authors surveyed the tsunami impact and wave. (b) MOST-tsunami model simulation: maximum computed wave heights in cm (Titov et al. We summarize some of the findings and observations from the field surveys conducted in the aftermath of the horrific tsunami of 26 December 2004 and reported in this issue. In addition, information regarding inundation limits and highest runup was also obtained from eyewitnesses. The last and most important uplift of Haggier Mts. The historical record of tsunami events within the Arabian Sea (northern Indian Ocean) is fragmentary. The aim of this paper is to interpret new information about the Gulf of Aden geology, from the view of possible methods of terrestrial biota species migration to the Socotra Islands. Support the children who need it the most Many translated example sentences containing "tsunami de Sumatra" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations. Certains parents étaient plus occupés à rechercher leurs enfants décédés que de prendre soin de leurs enfants en vie. The highest water level rise of 2 m, inside a port was reported at Nishtun port located 240, No industrial facility was reported to have been affected by the tsunami. Indien ist eine Bundesrepublik, die von 28 Bundesstaaten gebildet wird und außerdem acht bundesunmittelbare Gebiete umfasst. Beyond the loss of, ). The motion of the camera during the recordings was determined. period March 2 to 10, 2005. Le projet de recherche PREPARTOI propose d’effectuer une étude intégrée du risque de tsunami dans les deux principaux territoires français de l’Océan Indien que sont La Réunion et Mayotte. The The death toll included citizens from many other countries in Asia, Europe, the South Pacific, and the Americas, giving this tsunami the grim distinction of being the first universal natural disaster of modern times. Sediment samples were collected at 27 points in tsunami deposits with a sediment thickness of 1.5–12.7 cm. The tsunami resulted in the death of some 300 people and, extensive destruction of shelters, houses and water sources, as well as fishing boats and, equipment. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. The shallow coastal delta and the large inundation distances give the eyewitness, interviews in Mahfarhan a high credibility in terms of wave characteristics and wave, sequence. All sediment samples had a well-sorted distribution. Fortunately, the main tsunami waves arrived close to low tide during a receding tide. Des milliers de corps sont enterrés dans des fosses communes. ridge system is seen to change after crossing the MR towards the southeast direction for Each watermark was localized by means of global positioning systems (GPS) and photographed. The maximum tsunami height on flat terrain and the maximum run-up on steep shores were determined relative to the sea level at tsunami impact. The tide level prediction, rafted boat and debris in the background); (, in the low vegetation along the wadi delta plain. The international team, members were on the ground in Yemen from 11 to 19 October 2006. and the maximum measured tsunami flow depths and run-up heights (Fritz and Borrero, data between Somalia and Oman. Each watermark was localized by means of global positioning systems (GPS) and photographed. The Puntland coast in northern Somalia was, ) simulated a number of potential mega-earthquakes on the shores of the, ). Therefore, a UNESCO expedition was organized through the Intergovernmental, Oceanographic Commission (IOC) in Paris to fill the gap in tsunami inundation and run-up. The effects of the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami on the islands of Rodrigues, Mauritius, and Reunion were surveyed in March 2005. Maximum runup heights were typically on the order of 5–9 m. Each measurement was located by means of global positioning systems GPS and was photographed. Ce verité dévoilé par l'ancien Chef de la Justisce Sri-Lanka, Mr. Sarath N. Silva. Sand sheets were sporadic, highly variable, and highly influenced by topography. The international team members were on the ground in Yemen from 11 to 19 October 2006. Show your support. Le tableau ci-dessus montre cette correspondance. Damage to the fisheries sector was reported for eastern, ) Map of the Indian Ocean locating Socotra off the Horn of Africa. The individual video images were rectified with a direct linear transformation (DLT) assuming a planar water surface at the level. strong variations throughout the year switching from diurnal to semi-diurnal. The team measured the tsunami run-up heights and local, flow depths based on watermarks and eyewitness accounts. tsunamis generated in the eastern MSZ. Many translated example sentences containing "le tsunami de 2004" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations. 2005), Dataset recorded on Socotra Island by the UNESCO-survey-team in October, 2006, Makran rupture simulated with the MOST-tsunami model: maximum computed wave heights in cm (pers. Earthquake Spectra 22(S3):S263–S283, Okal EA, Fritz HM, Synolakis CE, Raad PE, Al-Shijbi Y, Al-Saifi M (2006b) Field Survey of the 2004, Indonesian Tsunami in Oman. Le 26 décembre 2004, lorsque le raz-de-marée déferle sur les plages thaïlandaises, les vacances paradisiaques de nombreux touristes virent au cauchemar. The UNESCO mission surveyed 12 impacted towns on the north and south shores covering from the We report the result of a 2010 survey of the effects on the Iranian coastline of the tsunami which followed the earthquake of 27 November 1945 (M0 = 2.8 × 1028 dyn cm; Mw = 8.2), the only large event recorded along the Makran subduction zone since the onset of instrumental seismology. In 2010, the Indian government awarded him the Padma Bhushan, the nation's third-highest civilian award. Due to large variation in morphology Le tsunami de 2004 a fait le reste. ridge system is predominantly strike-slip. tsunami poses the main hazard for Socotra’s densely populated north coast (Fig. It’s that simple. None of our witnesses bore ancestral memory of comparable events in the past, suggesting that reported predecessors to the 1945 earthquake may have been smaller in size. In general, the largest values were found in the western part of the surveyed area. In Mahfarhan some 20 km further to the west a tsunami runup of 4.1. points. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The sizes ranged from fine sand to boulders, with medium sand and coarse sand being dominant. Other estimates of the seismic moment, given in Figure 2, range from 1.2 to 4.9 × 1028 dyn-cm. The survey locations and an overview of measured run-up heights are shown in, tide predictions for Shiq on Socotra Island (4 km NE of, terrain on Socotra limited the access to the shoreline to selected locations in particular, along the capes and the south coast. Terre des hommes (Tdh), alors active en Inde (Iles Andaman) ainsi qu’au Sri Lanka (districts de Batticaloa et d’Ampara), s’est aussitôt mobilisée pour venir en aide aux populations affectées. The principal and, only city is Hadiboh with an estimated population of 43,000 in 2004 on the central north, shore of Socotra. Fritz HM, Synolakis CE, McAdoo BG (2006b) Maldives field survey of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Earthquake Spectra 22(S3):S241–S261, Stein S, Okal EA (2005) Size and speed of the Sumatra earthquake. Finally a cross-correlation based particle image velocimetry (PIV) analysis was applied to the rectified video images to determine instantaneous tsunami flow velocity fields. The UNESCO mission surveyed five impacted towns south of the Horn of Africa along the Puntland coast in. South Dakota ), three smaller islands known collectively as ‘, Abd Al-Kuri, Samha, Darsa—and other uninhabitable rock outcrops. In the near field of the epicenter, Sumatra was hardest hit by the tsunami (Borrero 2005). Shazhor is situated on a landslide deposit cone at the foot of steep cliffs, with the beach facing to the east. The international team members visited Somalia during 2–10 March 2005. The aftershock distribution suggests a 300-km-long by 125-km-wide rupture, extending southeast from the epicenter to the vicinity of Ilo, about 150 km north of the Chilean border. This episode warrants a reassessment of the evaluation of potential hazards and of mitigation and evacuation procedures for port infrastructures. We recorded flow depths up to 4 m on Vluifushi based on the location of debris in trees and watermarks on buildings. Terre des hommes – Avenue de Montchoisi 15 – 1006 Lausanne – Switzerland – Tel. During an 7-day campaign, the team surveyed approximately 750 km of coastlines along the southern shore of the country, building a database of 41 standardized measurements of flow-depth, run-up and inundation, obtained primarily from eyewitness reports. Distances from the epicenter of. ) In general, the largest values are found consistently in the southernmost part of the country, along the shore of the Dhofar province. Park Tunnel 8 foot wide. To view any current tsunami advisories for this and other events please visit Mahfarhan; 50 houses and 50 boats with engines were destroyed; survivors ran inland. This experimental study focuses on the effect of bed roughness on the main hydrodynamic properties of surges propagating on dry bed. In East Africa the tsunami impact focused on Somalia some 5000 kilometers. the boundary between the Indian and Arabian plates. 2005 "Hvor små vi er" Giv Til Asien Poul Krebs & Remee: A charity single performed by Danish artists (singers, actors and musicians) under the name Giv Til Asien (translated as Give to Asia). Some islands persisted after later transgressions of the sea, before the time of the opening of the Gulf of Aden rift (ca 20-17 Ma), accompanied by substantial uplift and large-scale uplift of the land. Figure 1A shows the epicenter and the extent of aftershocks over a 30-day window following the mainshock. +41 58 611 06 66 – Contact us, ©2019 Terre des hommes. The only exception was Shazhor were the 6.1 m tsunami runup height placed it, geographically correct between Oman and Somalia. This article aims at emphasizing the importance of the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) campaign that has been carried out after the December 26th, 2004 tsunami. The tsunami waves were almost unnoticed because the wave heights were low and the tsunami occurred at low tide. School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Savannah, Department of Geological Sciences, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208, USA, severely damaged habitats. Several studies described the celerity U of the propagating wave front, both experimentally (Matsutomi and Okamoto (2010); Shafiei et al. This tsunami flow velocity analysis focused on two survivor videos recorded within Banda Aceh more than 3 km from the open ocean.