Starting from October 2, 2017, all visitors to the Forbidden City must book their tickets online. The layout and position of many Chinese cities are influenced by feng shui and the Forbidden City is undoubtedly a superb example. Visitors from all over the world could book tickets for Forbidden City by using our advanced tickets booking system. Forbidden City Tickets is the official ticketing agency for Forbidden City Tickets. Thrilled when his cameraman father invites him along on an assignment in China, seventeen-year-old Alex Jackson does not suspect that they will become part of the great historical events sweeping China in the spring of 1989. The first was built during the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), the second during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and the Forbidden City was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). You will need your passport to get a ticket and enter the Palace Museum. Alex wasn't expecting anything more … Since his dad is a reporter for Canada, they get sent to China to see what is currently happening. Forbidden City received Ontario’s Ruth Schwarz Award for Excellence (now the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award) in 1991. It also won the Belgium Award for Excellence and the 1992 Ontario School Librarians Association Award. After I finished reading this unforgettable novel “Forbidden City”, I think about a lot things happened to Alex who is the most important character in the novel. Find out how to buy Forbidden City tickets online here. Forbidden City Chapters 1-6 Summary & Analysis Chapter 1 Summary: “March 29” The narrator, 17-year-old high school senior Alexander Jackson, comes home from school one day to find his animated father talking away in his home office, clearly excited by something he is reviewing on the phone. Forbidden City, Chinese (Pinyin) Zijincheng or (Wade-Giles romanization) Tzu-chin-ch’eng, imperial palace complex at the heart of Beijing (Peking), China.Commissioned in 1406 by the Yongle emperor of the Ming dynasty, it was first officially occupied by the court in 1420.It was so named because access to the area was barred to most of the subjects of the realm. The Forbidden City is the third imperial palace to be built in Beijing. In my opinion, Alex grows as a person through the novel. For use in schools and libraries only. About Forbidden City. He is a regular Canadian teenager with a passion for Chinese history. Credit Card and Paypal are accepted for booking tickets with us! Since many things happened to him Seventeen-year-old Alex Jackson comes home from school to find that his father, a CBC news cameraman, wants to take him to China’s capital, Beijing. “This book is important due to the historical insights of Der Ling rather than her literary skill. You just need to show passports and get access for the Forbidden City. Alex: Alex is the main character and the protagonist of the story Forbidden City. Her life and works underscore a shrewd ability to adapt and make the most out of her various experiences.” ― Noel Marie Fletcher, Two Years in the Forbidden City Once there, Alex finds himself on his own in Tian An Men Square as desperate students fight the Chinese army for their freedom. “Forbidden City” – Book Review | No Comments. Visitors will get instant confirmation after booking with us.