Cartman is also seen as a not very good swimmer in "Summer Sucks". Of course this only occurs after Cartman suggests they leave Kyle for dead and continue to their search for crocodiles. For instance, in "Tonsil Trouble," Cartman deliberately infected Kyle with HIV. The very dark, usually disturbing undertones to his personality often hint at an extreme mental imbalance. Cartman laments to Butters about this, who tries to convince him that Heidi will "leave poop on his heart". This, of course, ruined Cartman's egotistical satisfaction at having humiliated him. "Yes, but at least I'm not going to die!" However, ever since Cartman (unwittingly) made Kenny cry in "The Death of Eric Cartman", their friendship has not been as strong - even after everyone stopped giving Cartman the silent treatment, their friendship didn't fully recover. Cartman, in the meantime, researched the virus and found out that Magic Johnson had AIDS for decades and is still alive. Trey was sitting in a corner quietly watching Karpman and their other friends trash talk during the game when one person said, "Shut up Karpman". In first three seasons, Cartman did not show any racism but it soon developed after the events of "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime". Although he was initially an ancillary character and the focus was more on Stan and Kyle, Eric Cartman quickly took the spotlight in South Park. [5] However, the season 14 (2010) episode "201" later reveals that Liane is his mother, and that his true biological father is Jack Tenorman, a fictional former player for the Denver Broncos whom Cartman arranged to be killed in the season five (2001) episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die", making Cartman and Scott Tenorman half-brothers. Cartman successfully imbues the tastes of several different restaurant chains foods into his own burgers by farting on them. Rubie's South Park Cartman Inflatable Costume for Adults. Enraged, Cartman yells in despair, "No, he has a strong heart, he wants to live!!!" However, this is rapidly tarnished by the episode's end when Kyle discovers his method for producing his burgers. Kyle, who is Jewish, is often the target of Cartman's slander and anti-Semitic insults. Earlier in that episode, he had rallied all the gingers into a genocidal frenzy, convincing them that all non-gingers are inferior in a Hitler or KKK-esque way, as well as stage violent protests and march down the streets chanting "red power!". Additionally in "Le Petit Tourette" he accidentally admitted to having a crush on a girl named Patty Nelson and also said that he and his cousin "touched wieners". Cartman, with the help of Butters, then snuck into Kyle's room and intentionally gave Kyle AIDS. ", Cartman saves Kyle and his family when a large storm is about to go towards their house in San Francisco. But in "Fat Camp", when he tells his mother to talk about how he's big boned and such, she instead says, "Those were all lies, sweetie, you're just fat." [7][27][30] Ever since the show's second episode, "Weight Gain 4000" (season one, 1997), Cartman, like all other characters on the show, has been animated with computer software, though he is portrayed to give the impression that the show still utilizes its original technique.[27]. In fact, he is a racist, sexist, and specialist. In "Up the Down Steroid", Cartman had also pretended he was retarded to compete in the Special Olympics and win $1000. Perhaps the best example of this is seen in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", when he had two people shot, ground into chili and then fed to their distraught son, causing a horrified Kyle to say that he and Stan should never piss off Cartman again. For the first several seasons, his family's income comes exclusively from welfare programs and his mother's work as a prostitute; later, Liane takes an unspecified legitimate day job as well. In "Spookyfish" Stan is fully for sending Cartman away forever. 01:16. Sedans. Cartman also rises into the air after a chain of naughty words, including "Barbra Streisand". 99 In "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", Cartman says that Wendy has huge boobs; this could be him trying to impress her by saying she looks attractive. By Ben Sherlock Nov 10, 2020. He is also always in Cartman's groups whenever Cartman assembles a group against other enemies. Trey suddenly blurted out, "Cartman! No Hat A defining arc during the show's fourth season was Cartman's single-minded quest to make 10 million dollars. [80] Essays in the books South Park and Philosophy: Bigger, Longer, and More Penetrating, Blame Canada! $6.99. He also weighs 90 pounds, as revealed in "Weight Gain 4000". The two quickly become friends, and later, an official couple. He is a racist because he thinks that "minorities" would take over the world someday as revealed in "The China Probrem" and in "Pee". Last one. Eric Cartman - Kenny & Kyle / Poker Face. T3 • E13. [9][62][63] With a headline to their online written version of a radio report, NPR declared Cartman as "America's Favorite Little $@#&*%". For Rush's Snakes and Arrows tour, a short animated clip was made to introduce the song "Tom Sawyer", featuring the boys from South Park as a band attempting to perform the song. 11/03/2004 Full Ep The real reason why Cartman doesn't stay in prison for a very long time is likely because his Mom bails him out, dismissing the severity of the crime. In "Breast Cancer Show Ever", Cartman is shown to be quite nervous over fighting Wendy and is shown going to great lengths to avoid the confrontation. In addition to taking regular jabs at racial, ethnic and religious minorities, as well as people of lower income like Kenny, Cartman is also prejudicial against red-haired, light skinned and freckled people, which means that he is anti ginger. With this factored against his outrageous acts against her, it can be seen that he has a strong loathing of her and yet has some form of caring about her at the same time. While Cartman didn't necessarily pronounce the German words correctly, it was pretty clear that he understood what they meant in English and his followers did not. Therefore, Kyle and Cartman could be seen to have a more complex connection than Stan and Kyle with . In the late 90's, there was a pro wrestler in the WWF (Now WWE) named Golga (John Tenta), who had a gimmick that had an obsession for Cartman holding a doll and wearing a T-shirt. Grade Cartman's musical tastes run toward progressive and arena rock in general and maudlin power ballads in particular. Also, in the episode "Fat Butt and Pancake Head", Cartman convinces Ben Affleck, among others, that his left hand is an actual woman named Jennifer Lopez; Affleck later has a sexual encounter with "Miss Lopez", leaving Cartman's hand covered with his semen. The act is dropped when we see Cartman voicing Polly as she "confesses" to the murders, claiming that the others were right, that Cartman had to grow up. South Park detectives are quick to enlist his help in cracking unsolved murder cases. After recruiting Butters and Token, Cartman creates a Christian rock band called Faith+1 and "writes" Christian songs by merely taking love songs and replacing words such as "baby" with "Jesus" (and which thereby humorously imply sexual relations with Jesus). Eric Theodore Cartman In "Freak Strike", Cartman goes on the Maury Povich Show to be a panelist during a discussion on out-of-control kids. Cartman is extremely anti-Semitic, and a great many of his bigoted actions are directed towards all Jews and especially toward his Jewish friend Kyle, whom he openly hates and considers sub-human because of his faith. Alexandra CartmanElvin CartmanFred Cartman As of "Dead Celebrities", he seems to be more passive toward Kyle, greeting him with only " 'Sup, Jew?". Watch Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all their foul-mouthed adventures. Cartman is also the only person who seems to take Kenny's deaths seriously. South Park ist eine amerikanische Animationsserie, die von Trey Parker und Matt Stone produziert wurde. Aunt Cartman, as with Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski, is amused by bodily functions and toilet humor,[50] and his favorite television personalities are Terrance and Phillip, a Canadian duo whose comedy routines on their show-within-the-show revolve substantially around fart jokes. ", was released in 2008. He ran a regular podcast named Mad Friends (parody of Mad Money). This is most apparent in "Asspen" and "Cartman Sucks". Wiki. Well, at least we have assholes.". In fact, in "You Have 0 Friends", Cartman helped Kyle make new friends, even though Cartman did not appear to be gaining anything out of it. Kenny & Kyle - Poker Face REMIX (Music Video) HD. In "Casa Bonita", Cartman faked an apocalypse so Butters would hide in a bomb shelter for over a week, so Cartman could go with Kyle, Stan, and Kenny to Casa Bonita instead of Butters. He goes on about what he would do if a girl ever threatened to fight him, but instead recounts one such incident. Also, in the episode "Are You There God? RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAH! However, in "Smug Alert! Trucks. He then dresses up as Hitler and manipulates a group of people, who think that they are simply raising awareness for the movie and Christianity, to join him in an anti-Jew march while chanting in mispronounced German: "Es ist Zeit für Rache" (It is time for revenge) and "Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten" (We must exterminate the Jews). Brown Cartman is heavily implied to only pick on others because of the insecurity he has acquired from others calling him fat. This collection contains a dozen of Eric Cartman's most important teachings. 's in order to make some cash while they were out getting drunk on the streets or had killed themselves. However he is usually Kyle's first choice when he breaks his friendship with Stan. South Park Zipper Pull Eric Cartman Bookbag Charm Jacket Zipper Pull Keychain. In "Fun with Veal", Cartman is awoken by Kyle, Stan and Butters to help save some baby cows from slaughter. There are also moments such as in "Faith Hilling" where the two share a common goal. They would naturally reproduce these voices in the initial seasons of South Park. In "Woodland Critter Christmas", Cartman made Stan the protagonist of his Christmas story (he is described as 'the boy in a red poof-ball hat'). Although Cartman frequently insults and taunts his friends, he sometimes appears to be more cowardly than they are when it comes to physical confrontation. [7][16] Kyle has intentionally endangered Cartman as well by convincing him in "Fatbeard" to go to Somalia in hopes that he will be killed. Although he doesn't get Kyle to suck his balls in reality, he does imagine Kyle sucking the balls of an imaginary Cartman with much enthusiasm at the end of "Imaginationland, Episode III". Cartman's head can be seen in the ACT Easts picture under the name Adam Doyle.25 "Greatest" Moments (October 2005). This compassion hints that he has not progressed to be a full sociopath. However, in "Make Love, Not Warcraft", Clyde is reluctant to join the Cartman-led attack on the the griefer, and ultimately no-shows as he is more preoccupied looking at a Playboy centerfold than playing the game. Birthday However, when Wendy decides to fight him regardless, he is quite spectacularly defeated. Cartman has always had a rivalry with the intelligent and level-headed Wendy Testaburger, his buddy Stan's girlfriend and one of the smartest students at South Park Elementary. Luxury. Cartman however instead reads off a long-winded hate speech against the Jewish people (most likely the one he intended to use during "Le Petit Tourette"), where he urges the rest of the country to help him in rising up against the Jews and in which most of his speech is directed primarily towards Kyle. Collections. When neither method works, he resorts to excessive and indecipherable whining, to which Liane usually succumbs. Who just shot me?! If you had a chance to go back in time right now and stop Hitler, wouldn't you do it? The Coon The fact Cartman does this could indicate an unconscious sexual desire towards men (Ben Affleck in-particular in this case), Cartman's extreme lengths to trick his friend (despite them not being present to witness the hand jobs, making the actions pointless in the grand scheme of things), or that Cartman's Mitch Conner is part of a psychological break resulting in a multiple personality. [33][34][35] Parker says to achieve the effect of Cartman's voice, he simply uses the same technique when voicing Stan while "adding a lot of fat to it". Erstelle mit dem Avatar Creator deinen eigenen Avatar und begib dich hinter die Kulissen der preisgekrönten Serie. [89] When declaring him the second-scariest character on television (behind only Mr. Burns of The Simpsons) in 2005, MSNBC's Brian Bellmont described Cartman as a "bundle of pure, unadulterated evil all wrapped up in a fat—er, big-boned—cartoony package" who "takes a feral delight in his evildoing". She doesn't mind doing stuff that is completely gross, as seen in "Make Love, Not Warcraft", when she takes a bedpan down to the basement where the boys are playing Warcraft and lets Cartman crap into the bedpan that she is holding..